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SHEEP Breeds:

  • East Fresian Dairy
  • Tunis

Our sheep are high quality, well handled and registered show stock. Sheep have 3 main divisions or uses. Most people think of the meat, some think of wool (or fiber) uses, but few know about the incredible dairy ability that some sheep possess.

Our main breed is the East Fresian Dairy sheep, which is by far the greatest milk producer in the sheep industry and their wool has all kinds of uses as well. We're in our 7th generation of selective breeding to produce hardy dairy sheep with exceptional milk components for cheese making, larger teat diameter, length and orifice as well as improved teat placement for ease of hand milking for starter dairies and homesteaders as well better udder attachment for longevity in cycle and herd. As we've continued our breeding program and needed out cross rams, added genetics from Laucaune, Awassi and Assaf which can help with parasite resistance and richer components in the milk.


Our second division is our Registered Tunis sheep which is an American Heritage breed, known for their quality fleeces as well as their world acclaimed lambs. This breed of sheep is the easiest to manage because of its parasite resistance, gentle nature and overall vigor. These sheep have a good tolerance to the hot summers in South Carolina. Sheep can help keep a pasture clean and they don’t have the tendency to climb on structures as much as goats.



Most lambs are born in the spring of the year. If you’re interested in starting with sheep, we recommend that you begin by getting a few lambs. You will need to get your deposits in early- before the lambs are born. Its a first-come basis. Baby Lambs and a few ewes in Milk available this spring. text Debbie for prices and availability- 864-360-3222. last year, we started 18 new producers in 5 states! we sold over 100 sheep and lambs!! we have mentoring as long as you need help!