Our 4H club focuses on Dairy Sheep and Goats. We're the only Dairy sheep 4H club in the US! We're taking a break from new members for now. Check back for future meetings. Follow us on the Facebook page.

 Updates are posted on the Face Book page. Fee is $10. The membership form is on the 4H page. Forms need to completed and fee paid before attending. Meetings are for 5 yrs and up. Here at Whispering Pines. Lots of hands on learning. Extra clinics each month, which may have additional fees. For more information, click on the 4H link on the above menu. Note about the fees and what it includes- Fee is $10 which pays for membership in Greenville County 4H. This entitles members to join any Greenville County 4H club. Whispering Pines turns in the entire $10 to Greenville county and does not charge for the time given to the children. 

We have moved from our Adams mill road (Mauldin) location but we did save 2 acres on Ashmore Bridge road in Mauldin, SC 29662. We hope to have future meetings for the Greenville county location as well as start a new club in the Tri-County areas of Oconee, Pickens and Anderson Counties. Our new location is located in Seneca.

Parents stay with their kids. Forms and fees ($10) are due before attending the meeting.

New membership forms can be printed from here: http://www.clemson.edu/extension/…/about/membership_form.pdf

We have a lot of 'hands on' activity with the sheep and goats. The kids learn about small ruminants from the birth through the dairy/milking. We have meetings that teach health and care, handling, safety, working with wool, making cheese and more!

We hope to share our love and passion for sheep, goats and life on the farm- especially for kids that don't have farm animals at their home.