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 Whispering Pines is a family owned working farm and licensed Grade A Raw Goat & Sheep milk dairy and cheese making facility. Farm Tours available by appointment. Great for the children! The fee for a Farm Tour is $5 per person with a $20 minimum fee. You can add a pony ride to the tour for an additional charge of $20 per child.

Do you have Horse Lover? 

2018 Summer Camp schedules are up and ready for booking! Click on Services tab and check out the Camp options and dates! Send in full payment to save a spot.

We're starting beginner rider classes!

Our physical address is 206 Adams Mill rd. Mauldin, SC 29662

text- 864-360-3222 for reservations.

Sign up now for Winter Riding Lessons in our climate controlled indoor arena-more info- Classes starting Feb 10th. text or email for class schedule.


Be a part of our farm family. Tell your family and friends about us. Spread the Word! If you like what we're doing and want to help support us, go to the Donations tab. On Facebook, you can enjoy enjoy our pictures of the animals, children, current events and announcements just Click on our Facebook link and 'like' our page.

What to Expect, When you're Expecting Baby goats and Lambs

Feb. 17, 2018 at 1pm.

This event is about caring for pregnant sheep and goats, as well as lambing/kidding and preliminary care of the newborns. Excellent information for goat and sheep owners or people interested in helping during the birthing season and Whispering Pines. Admission fee is $50. Discounts available for members of SC Sheep, 4H Dairy Sheep and Goat club and WPF.

Volunteer Training, Feb. 17th at 11am

Learn how you can help around the farm- especially with all the baby goats and lambs. lots of work, time and love! Feeding, cleaning water and sheds, setting up milk for bottle babies and feeding bottles. If you attend the birthing class, you could assist with live births. We have a live birth text alert! There's is no cost for the volunteer training, but you need to register. email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sign up on Facebook.


 FAMACHA Certification March 17, 2018 at 1pm
This event offers certification for a technique in evaluating anemia from parasites in sheep and goats. Hands on and class room time. Body condition scoring will also be taught. Admission fee is $50. Certification packets to include FAMACHA card is $18 additional. Discounts on admission fee to members of SC Sheep, 4H Dairy Sheep and Goat Club and WPF. To reserve a spot, go to Donation page and use PayPal.

On Saturday, March 31 from 2- 3pm. Easter at the Stables- Behold The Lamb  Ride the hay wagon, enjoy seeing baby lambs and prepare your heart for Easter Sunday by learning about Lambs, Sheep and the Good Shepherd as told in the Bible. Child friendly event. No admission fee but donations appreciated.

Coming Sunday, May 6th from 1-5pm, Our Spring Farm DayWe will have our 4H members showing our Dairy sheep and goats, learn about and see a sheep shearer working, Wool working demos, wool items and fleeces available for purchase, Working Border Collies demos, See the Baby Lambs, Goats, and Cows!! Dairy tours, Cheese tasting and so much more. Farm store will be open! The fee is $10 per car.

Our Farm store has great gift and shopping selections made right here in SC! Click on Farm store Tab-

We're here most of the time but we might out working with the livestock. It's always best to give us a quick text to see what we're up to before driving over- 864-360-3222. We're closed on Sundays. 


    Our 4H Dairy sheep and goat club meets on the 2nd Thursday at 10:30am and Saturday at 2pm each month. Meeting dates and times can change- email or text to confirm date and RSVP. Updates are posted on the Face Book page. Fee is $10 per year. The membership form is on the 4H page. Forms need to completed and fee paid before attending. Meetings are for 5 yrs and up. Here at Whispering Pines. Lots of hands on learning. Extra clinics each month, which may have additional fees. For more information, click on the 4H link on the above menu.

 We're celebrating our 35th year of caring for people and our animals!

Our farm animals include Horses, Dairy sheep, Dairy goats, cows, ducks, chickens and more! We have a great riding program with beginner classes, Mommy and Me and advanced classes. Enjoy all the pages on the site by using the menu above. The Services page gives a detailed list of lessons and birthday party activities for your family, school and/or church group including prices. We have a list of new field trips at the bottom of this page.


We're part of South Carolina's plan to help people learn about Agriculture. Our Farm tours will now offer a passport, which we will stamp for farm tours. You will be eligible for SC Agritourism hats, shirts and more!

New Field Trip Series for Schools, Churches, Home School, Co-ops, and Day cares.

We have some field trips that follow the School State Standards. We have such a great variety of farm animals, class rooms, teaching tools and experience all in one place that one field trip might not be enough!

Social Studies Standard- 1-1.4-How do farmers use the land? We will identify the different plants used for forage at different times of the year. Learn the different stages of plant growth. Tour the hay barn, feed room, care for chickens and experience milking in the dairy parlor.

Science Standard- 2-2.1. The Basic Needs of Animals for Energy, Growth, and Protection. This tour will focus on the Dairy sheep and goats. These Ruminants have special food requirements during different stages of life. We have baby animals in the spring. What a great time to learn about birthing, growing, developing and so much more! The mamas need more nutrition, babies have their requirements too. We plant seasonal forages that we can explore and identify in the pasture. Lots of hands on learning! Younger children will have craft opportunities. Older children can learn the basics and how to assist during lambing/birthing.

American/ SC history-  American Heritage Tunis sheep were given as a gift to George Washington, sheep were on the White House lawn! SC plantation owner saved Tunis sheep from extinction!
Pioneer Days- How did the early settlers manage? Learn about making wool blankets, cheese, soap, churning butter, milking dairy animals. Horsemanship basics. Pack animals- donkeys and goats!

Christmas at the Stables- the field trip. The Christmas story with your group participating! So much fun. Great for the younger children!!!

Horse Lovers- all about horses- Care, Feeding, Safety, Grooming and more. This meets some badge requirements for Girl Scouts.

Dairy days- learn all about milk-where it comes from and what we can make with it! The topics covered depend on the age group.

Cheese making 101- Learn the basics of cheese making. The topics covered depend on the age group. Take home cheese kits need to be ordered in advance and are not included in the class fee.

We're booking now!

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for prices and availability.