At Whispering Pines, we believe that our youth and children need to experience life on the farm. Come out of the house and into the pasture, off concrete and into the dirt! Learn how to care for livestock and work with their hands. We have the only Dairy sheep 4 H club in the US, which is meeting needs, but it is labor intensive and not financially supported at all. We have the only licensed Sheep Milk Dairy in South Carolina, which gives us the location, small ruminants and equipment to use for teaching and to have hands on experiences for these children. Our Whispering Pines Foundation is dedicated to helping children, youth and families get started in small ruminant farming. Donations are used to offset costs for the start up expenses they would incur allowing these kids to experience small ruminants at their home-whether for short or long term. We provide education, supplies and mentoring- often times even the small ruminants! One opportunity for short term is the fostering of a newborn bottle baby goat or lamb. Supplies needed are milk replacer, bottles, wipes, crates, and other supplies. Usually, supplies per baby are $150 minimum (milk replacer=$50 bag and crate=$100 or more) per lamb per household. For the family to have this experience- which is awesome-they will need to pay for it or donations could allow low income families this opportunity. We supply the lambs and help them to be successful with classes and mentoring. It's a wonderful program and extremely popular. 

We also have a therapeutic division through the Upstate Equestrian Ministry that is very costly as well. We have so many needs to be able to continue these ministry programs. We're hoping for like minded people to help support what we're doing here. Groups can plan a volunteer work day, collect items needed or send in financial contributions.

Both, Whispering Pines Foundation and the Upstate Equestrian Ministry is a 501 (c) 3 registered with the IRS as a Charity. Donations made are tax deductible.

To donate, use the button below through PayPal, which keeps a percentage, or mail a check payable to either the Whispering Pines Foundation or, for horse related therapies, Upstate Equestrian Ministry, 681 Campbell Bridge road, Seneca, SC 29678

Donations for the Upstate Equestrian Ministry are used to help feed the horses, keep up therapy equipment and supplies for older horses that help the children we serve. We can always use help from professional farriers, veterinarians,  licensed electricians, plumbers and contractors.

This Donate button below is linked to Upstate Equestrian Ministry, but you could specify either ministry and the donation will be used accordingly.



We're offering a class sign up payment option to reserve a spot in upcoming events, seminars, clinics and classes. use the Paypal button below-Let us know if this button isn't working properly. You can use the Donate Button above, add a note to tell us which event or class and we can make sure to reserve it for you.