• Sheep and Goats

    Whispering Pines has Dairy Sheep and Goats for sale


    • Tunis
    • Icelandic
    • East Fresian Dairy
    • Nubian and Mini Nubian
    • Snubian
    • Nigerian
    • Pygmy
    • Saanen and Mini Saanen

    Whispering Pines is known for its teaching, leadership and Christian outreach ministry in our community. Most people know about our riding academy, Bible studies, programs for specials needs children, Therapeutic riding and vocational programs for high school students with Autism, but many people don’t know about our sheep and goat programs.

    What started as a few pet type additions to be used in our live nativity 15 years ago, has grown into a unique division for a growing market for sustainable family farms. We help families learn about the uses, care, and qualities as well as the natures of sheep and goats.

    Debbie Webster is the President and Regional director of SC sheep industry which is part of the American Sheep Industry. She also has the very popular 4H Dairy Sheep and Goat Club for ages 5yrs-18 yrs. We meet here at Whispering Pines on the 2nd Thursday at 10:30am for Home School students and the 2nd Saturday at 2pm. The members can learn hands on experiences with our Dairy sheep and goats.

    One Reason to get your start here with our sheep and goats- we spend time with them and their future owners! We want them and you to prosper! We pay attention to details, health and care deeply for our animals. We love to share whatever we've learned to help you help your animals.

    The Dairy and Cheese making Facility

    Goat milk has become very popular in the last few years for those with lactose intolerance. It's easy to digest especially for children, infants and elderly. Our goat herd has a majority of Saanens which have the lower calories as well as a mild taste. Our sheep milk has gained quite a growing number of people using it for their infants and toddlers with health issues. It has 2-3 times more protein than goat milk and a rich sweet flavor as well as the ease in digestibility as with goat milk. In 8 ounces of sheep milk, the protein can be 14 grams! Our sheep milk yogurt is sweet and thick and the Kefir has outstanding health benefits. The milk from the Ewes is the 'liquid gold' in cheese making!

    We see a growing interest in the dairy aspect of sheep and goats. For our family, we have been making cheese for years for family and friends, but thought it was time to sell to the public. We've started a DHEC approved and licensed Grade A Raw Milk Dairy for Goat and sheep milk as well as a licensed cheese making facility. We have the only licensed sheep milk dairy in all of SC! We use our own milk to make Nationally Award Winning cheeses and dairy products ranging from yogurt, kefir, hard, soft, Ricotta, and spreadable cheeses. Check out our Farm store page for a cheese list or Facebook page for seasonal flavors, special events and list of area restaurants and stores carrying our products. 

    Sheep and Goats can be pastured together with a few precautions as goats need copper supplement in their diet and sheep can't take the copper. They get along well and have the same needs in fences, shelters and proteins.

    We share our love for the animals and the lost ‘art’ of shepherding with the Biblical principles that change lives through bible camp in the summer and classes, tours and events throughout the year.


    Our sheep are high quality, well handled and registered show stock. Sheep have 3 main divisions or uses. Most people think of the meat, some think of wool (or fiber) uses, but few know about the incredible dairy ability that some sheep possess.

    Our main breed is the East Fresian Dairy sheep, which is by far the greatest milk producer in the sheep industry and their wool has all kinds of uses as well. We're in our 7th generation of selective breeding to produce hardy dairy sheep with exceptional milk components for cheese making, larger teat diameter, length and orifice as well as improved teat placement for ease of hand milking for starter dairies and homesteaders as well better udder attachment for longevity in cycle and herd. As we've continued our breeding program and needed out cross rams, added genetics from Laucaune, Awassi and Assaf which can help with parasite resistance and richer components in the milk.




    Our second division is our Registered Tunis which is an American Heritage breed, known for their quality fleeces as well as

    their world acclaimed lambs. This breed of sheep is the easiest to manage because of its parasite resistance, gentle nature and overall vigor. These sheep have a good tolerance to the hot summers in South Carolina. Sheep can help keep a pasture clean and they don’t have the tendency to climb on structures as much as goats.


    Happy Lambs

    Most lambs are born in the spring of the year. If you’re interested in starting with sheep, we recommend that you begin by getting a few lambs. You will need to get your deposits in early- before the lambs are born. Its a first-come basis. Baby Lambs and a few ewes in Milk available this spring. text Debbie for prices and availability- 864-360-3222. last year, we started 18 new producers in 5 states! we sold over 100 sheep and lambs!! we have mentoring as long as you need help!


    Our goats range from unique purebred to pet quality. We have so many breeds of goats.

    • The fun loving pet pygmy. These are the smallest types of goats. Some people confuse Pygmy goats with Nigerian Dwarf goats which are a great Dairy breed! It doesn't take much feed and they give a nice amount of super rich milk. When you're starting into goat ownership and have children or don't want to deal with large goats, these are a perfect choice! They're usually very colorful and some have crystal blue yes!
    • Saanen goats have the most milk, lower fat count and longest lactation cycle. They're excellent moms, full of personalities but fairly quiet compared to some of the noisier breeds! They look like white angels!

    The Nubian dairy goats have long pendulous ears, they're sweet, full of personality and comical! They have amazing milk with excellent components for cheese making!

    The idea of mini is relatively new, with a smaller size animal, the feed/milk ratio is unbelievable.

    Hybrid- Snubian- This is a cross from a Saanen and a Nubian. This is the best of both worlds for a big milk volume producer with extra butterfat for a better yield in cheese making.  They're usually colorful with airplane ears!

    Once you get started enjoying your own fresh milk at home and making cheese, yogurt and Kefir, you will want more goats and more milk! It's healthy and a great way to raise your family! We offer classes and mentor you along the way!

    As for the milk that comes from a goat, any mammal can survive on goats milk. We have goats for sale now!! text Debbie for current availability and prices- 864-360-3222


    Why get a goat?

    Some people want to acquire goats as companions for the family, or for a pasture that has become overrun with weeds, but we're seeing a movement for people to start raising their own food- Dairy is a big part of the grocery bill for young families and farm fresh is the 'in' thing! The health benefits of knowing what's really in what you and your kids are consuming is a huge benefit. In addition,  the animal element is a calming agent as is the work around animals and farm life. It's a real positive for children to work outside and with animals! we all can enjoy being outside and doing physical activities!

    Many people sell sheep and goats on the internet, but we stay the course- teaching, following up and being available for questions well after the animals leave our property. If you invest in sheep or goats with us, we want you and the animals to prosper and will help you to do it.

    Upcoming Events

    We hold monthly seminars at Whispering Pines.

      Sheep 101 with an emphasis on
    • Shepherding,
    • Spinning- learn how to use sheep wool,
    • Spring lambing.
    • Cheese making classes
    • Advanced healthcare for Small Ruminants

    Check the Event calendar and Facebook page for upcoming events.

  • Chickens And Ducks

    Come see our 'Feathered' Friends on our Farm Tours! We have some Ducklings raised by loving hens! They grow up fast, better come soon! Buy a dozen eggs while you're here!


    Our Free range chickens and ducks are antibiotic and hormone free. We sell eggs all year. Although, the winter months with shorter days, keep the hens from laying at peak production. Call first and reserve a dozen! 

    Sometimes, we sell our layer hens, baby chicks and ducks, but we like to educate people first about the care, feeding and shelter needed. That way, the chickens and the new owners can prosper and have healthy Free range hens which make the tastiest eggs! Duck eggs have bigger yokes, twice the protein and taste great! Excellent in recipes and the outstanding in baking!