Debbie's Farm Store . We're relocating to Seneca. Our products are available at Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery in Greenville, Happy Cow Creamery and through the Clemson Area Food Exchange (CAFE).


Whispering Pines Farm,

Dairy and Cheesery!

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We're proud to be Certified SC and hope you will support our effort to have Healthy Farm Fresh Products.

Nationally Award Winning Cheese and Dairy Products

During the Spring, Summer and Fall, we have Fresh Grade A Raw Goat's milk for sale in our Farm Store but usually around November, we give the goats a time to rest before the milking season starts back in the Spring.

Our Fresh Grade A Raw Sheep milk is only bottled and sold by request. We use so much making the wonderful cheeses and other dairy products!!

During the winter months, Debbie still continues to make Yogurt, Kefir as well as her hard cheeses- like Manchego style, Pecorino, Colby, Feta and soft sheep milk cheeses with the milk that she's saved in the freezer. Sheep milk can be frozen for long periods of time without damaging or compromising the quality of the milk. We can make up Christmas Cheese Boxes or the 8 oz containers are great for teachers and friends. Shipping available upon request.


Currently Cheese Selections-

  • We have plenty of Feta-both Bulgarian & Greek!


    • Mauldianian, Our Original Recipe which is a



      mild Semi-Hard Wine soaked Fresh Table Cheese

      • Manchego style

      • Limited Supply of -

        Colby, Pepper Jack and

        Aged Ricotta Salata- which is a Hard  Grating Cheese
         Soft Cheese selections-

        Plain- Chevre, Goat cheese,

        Creamy Dreamy- Plain sheep milk cheese.

        Flavored/Blended Cheeses and Cheese Spreads-

        • Garlic and Herbs- most popular Savory Flavor







          Dessert Types-



          Pumpkin Pie Spice- this one is a crowd pleaser for sure!!

          Creamy Pistachio

          Cheesecake and more!




Check with us and see what's available each week or go to our Facebook page for weekly specials.


Look on Facebook for- Whispering Pines Stables/Upstate Equestrian Ministry. We have pictures of our super fancy cheeses!!


Sheep milk Yogurt is naturally sweetened, great for people with lactose intolerance and it has 3X more protein than cow or goat's milk. 

We have a limited amount of Beef and Lamb!!

Leg of lamb and Lamb chops,

Beef Stew, roasts and  Ground Beef

We're about ready to harvest more beef, let us know if you're interested!

We have beautiful blankets and scarves made from our very own sheep wool and Organically processed yarns.

SC sheep wool blanket and yarn

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Horseshoe Creations

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Horseshoe Coat rack

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Debbie's Tack Shop




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New/Used Saddles