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We're proud to be Certified SC and hope you will support our effort to have Healthy Farm Fresh Products.

We're getting our beef in (8/25/16) and ready to sell!! This has been a 5 year project for us. From our first Black Angus to taking two steers in for processing. They've had a stress free life- free ranging on pasture and grain finished. No growth hormones or drugs! The meat should be sweet and tender!! Most of the pricing is usual for this quality of meat. Its all frozen, sealed and labeled. Some of the cuts/prices are as follows-

Filet Mignon Steak $20.50
Sirloin Steak $10.00
NY Strip $14.95
Brisket $9.25
Sirloin Tips $8.50
Ground $7.75
Stew $8.00
Beef Ribs $8.50
Beef Tenderloin $14.50
Roasts (Sirloin, London Broil, ect.) $10.00
Roasts (Shoulder, Chuck, etc.) $9.00
T-Bone $10.50
Ribeye $17.50
Cube Steak $7.50
Beef Bones $4.50
Liver $3.99
other cuts available


During the Spring, Summer and Fall, we have Fresh Grade A Raw Goat's milk for sale as well as fresh soft cheeses and healthy Yogurt. We don't sell our Fresh Grade A Sheep milk but use it to make wonderful cheeses! During the winter months, Debbie makes hard cheeses- like Manchego style, Pecorino, Colby, Feta and soft sheep milk cheeses. Check with us and see what's available each week or go to our Facebook page for weekly specials.

Look on Facebook for- Whispering Pines Stables/Upstate Equestrian Ministry. We have pictures of our super fancy cheeses!!


Sheep milk Yogurt is naturally sweetened, great for people with lactose intolerance and it has 3X more protein than cow or goat's milk. 

We have Lamb!! Leg of lamb, Loin chops, Shanks, Ground, Stew meat and more! Reserve some today!          We have non-GMO whole chicken, Pork breakfast links, Kielbasa, Bratwurst Sausage and ground pork. Limited supply of pastured beef ready this summer.

We have beautiful blankets and scarves made from our very own sheep wool and Organically processed yarns.

SC sheep wool blanket and yarn

Debbie and Alan Webster have their own line
of  creative gift ideas--

Hand made wooden name plaques with special designs, Welded horse shoe bookends, candle stick holders, coat racks.  You can bring in your favorite horse's shoes and choose a design.

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Wood Name Plaques

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Horseshoe Creations

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Horseshoe Coat rack

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Debbie's Tack Shop

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Toys/Riding Gloves

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Horse Care

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New/Used Saddles