You will need to have a volunteer form (on the form page) filled out and brought in on first day. Parents must sign for youth. Volunteers must be 13 years old and up. If your child is riding regularly with us, we will make exceptions for specific age-appropriate duties with limited times.


For dates and times, we have most volunteers start on Saturday mornings from 9am until noon. After learning the skills, volunteers may be asked to extend those hours or come other times.

Our greatest need for volunteers is during the morning hours when school is in session.

Be sure to check the event calendar for special events.


In the spring of the year, our sheep will be having their lambs. We need volunteers to be 'midwives and shepherds' for the sheep. During this time, volunteers will watch the sheep and possibly assist during the birth (lambing). This can include drying off lambs and helping them to nurse for their first time. If the weather is cold or wet, we will need to have the ewes (female sheep) put in stalls and need to keep the areas clean. We will need plenty of extra towels and some help with that laundry. Volunteers would be expected to come in during January and February to learn more about sheep before helping in this unique and important time. 

Check out our Facebook page for clinics and seminars for upcoming trainings. We have a 4H Dairy Sheep and Goat club for ages 5 yrs and up. We can use volunteers to help with these activities as well.

If you like to work hard, We have seasonal mission projects throughout the year for individuals, youth groups or families. We will be working around the farm.

Please keep in mind that everyone has 'special' needs. Whether it is physical, mental or emotional, volunteers have an opportunity to treat others kindly and with respect- to speak 'positively' and with encouraging words. Share a Biblical worldview with 'truths' that could change a life for the better and hopefully for eternity. Some volunteers will be here because they must have community service hours. Some tours groups come here because the leaders are hoping to show their children a Christian perspective and 'normal family' environment. Whispering Pines doesn't have any employees just the Webster family and a bunch of great volunteers! I hope you will join us. Please be patient with us as our resources are limited.

For more info or to sign up-

 Email Debbie Webster- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text 864-360-3222