We have a new Field trip Series for School, Churches and day cares.

We have some field trips that follow the School State Standards. We have such a great variety of farm animals, class rooms, teaching tools and experience all in one place that one field trips might not be enough!

Social Studies Standard- 1-1.4-How do farmers use the land? We will identify the different plants used for forage at different times of the year. Learn the different stages of plant growth. Tour the hay barn, feed room, care for chickens and experience milking in the dairy parlor.

Science Standard- 2-2.1. This tour will focus on the Dairy sheep and goats. These Ruminants have special food requirements during different stages of life. We have baby animals in the spring. What a great time to learn about birthing, growing, developing and so much more! The mamas need more nutrition, babies have their requirements too. We plant seasonal forages that we can explore and identify in the pasture. Lots of hands on learning! Younger children will have craft opportunities.

American/ SC history- See our American Heritage Tunis sheep. They were given as a gift to George Washington, sheep were on the White House lawn! SC plantation owner saved Tunis sheep from extinction! We will walk through the history as we walk through the pastures to marvel at this great breed of sheep. 

Pioneer Days- How did the early settlers manage? Learn about making wool blankets, cheese, soap, churning butter, milking dairy animals. Horsemanship basics. Pack animals- donkeys and goats!

Focused Tours-Just one main element of Study-

For Horse Lovers, This tour focus is horses! Learn care, feeding, safety rules, grooming and a short ride. This is a basic learning experience for all ages.

Dairy days- This tour is a basic focus on our 3 milking species- Cows, Goats and Sheep. Tour of the dairy parlor, milking equipment and methods- all information given age appropriate for whole group.

Special Seasonal Tours

Thanksgiving- the field trip- Always appropriate to learn - an attitude of Gratitude.

This Tour based on all the animals and basics in life that we might not even notice. All the blessings and lessons that the farm and farm life give us. Harmony in nature. We can adjust the subject matter for public school or church groups.

Easter at the Stables- the field trip! Students will be a part of the story. Everyone has a part, they will really know the Easter story by the time we finish. Age appropriate for pre-school children. Craft time using real sheep wool!

Christmas at the Stables, the field trip-This tour tells the Christmas story- of Jesus Birth. The tour group participants become members of the story- Mary, Joseph, shepherds, Angels and wise men! it's so much fun and the children really learn the Nativity story by doing it!

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