4 H Dairy Sheep and Goat Club at Whispering Pines Stables is the only Dairy Sheep Club in the U.S. and we love our goats too! We will have a homeschool weekday club and a Saturday group. We’re in Oconee County and welcome Pickens, Anderson and Greenville County 4 H members. We prefer to do hands on learning activities and that’s why we meet at Whispering Pines Farm/Stables at 681 Campbell Bridge Road in Seneca with over 150 sheep and goats. Our activities include basic handling and healthcare as well as cheese making, working with wool, learning how to milk and maybe even showing sheep and goats. One of the most popular times of the year is spring- right about now! We have baby goats and lambs due most of February, late March and early April. 4H members that have had our training and meet the requirements could have an opportunity to take home a baby lamb for the first week of life. Our Greenville members have had so much training and know all the requirements. They could probably even start before the first meeting. We have ‘lamb watch’ and live birth texts alerts. This is a great opportunity for families that might not live on a farm to experience something very special. We know that some of our members that live in a more rural area might be able to purchase sheep or goats for projects or be able to keep longer. We’re looking forward to an amazing club! We have a Facebook page- 4H Dairy Sheep and Goat Club at Whispering Pines Stables for most messaging.

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