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Whispering Pines is a family owned working farm and licensed Grade A Raw Goat & Sheep milk dairy and cheese making facility.

We have a Farm Store, onsite, selling milk, cheese and meat, as well as wool and soap products... all made with resources from the farm.

Upcoming EVENT

Shepherding 201: from Pets to Production

Fri, Nov 5, 2021 and Sat, Nov 6, 2021
9:00 AM –5:00 PM 

Do you want a way to provide healthy proteins for your family and have your kids outside more often and working with safe livestock?

This 2 day event is geared for families who want a more agricultural lifestyle for their kids as well as a sustainable source of proteins (milk, cheese, meat) on smaller acreage. This event will be on a working farm with speakers that have decades of experience with small ruminants (sheep and goats).

Topics covered- how to care for sheep and goats. Milking techniques and tools, Plant identification on pasture walks, Soil and Forage information, Demo on ultrasound of pregnant sheep and goats, hoof trimming, FAMACHA, BCS, handling, how to give injections, drenching and more. This event is about 50/50 hands on and lecture based. We have 2 tracks- one for adults (16 years and up) or families with younger children for more age appropriate activities. Lunch will be provided both days which incurs costs per child. Scholarships for children/ families might be available. Discount of $25 for early bird sign up (before October 25th) as well as SC Sheep members.

Fees- $100 per day or $150 for both days. Children with a paid adult for children’s track- $15 per day or $25 for both days.

Click here for schedule, agenda and speaker info.

Click here to purchase tickets on Eventbrite.

Sheep and Goat Sales

Individuals Sales or Starter Flocks - We will help you make the best selections for your farm and family. East Friesian or Tunis sheep, Saanen, Nubian or Nigerian Dwarf goats are some of the breeds we have at Whispering Pines. All of our livestock are healthy, high quality, loved and well cared for. We want the best fit for you and for them.

NOW is the time to prepare for getting sheep or goats. The farm is currently in breeding season and the lambs/ kids will be available in the spring as early as February. Reserve your choices now after studying up on it. 

Visit our Sheep and Goats pages for more information on our breeds and go to our Sheep/Goats For Sale if you have an interested in purchasing stock.

Check back regularly for upcoming Classes on Cheese-making, Starting your Own Family Farm' and more!

Check the EVENTS calendar for time and place of classes
and for special events.


A big part of Whispering Pines Farm is our ministry to children and families. Be a part of our farm family. Tell your family and friends about us. Spread the Word! 

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