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Below is a list of our currently available products. You may purchase these products at our Whispering Pines Store (on-site). Our store hours are Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm.

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 Semi Hard and aged cheeses - $29.99/lb or as marked

Golden Manchego is a Spanish Semi Hard cheese. It is traditionally known for being made with sheep milk. We age this cheese for at least 2 years. It has a nutty mild flavor profile. 


Halloumi- $24.99/lb is a semi hard cheese that you can grill. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! You can get plain or the traditional mint added type- even with Basil! Some people use it as an alternative for bread.


Ricotta Salata- $22.99/lb
Ricotta Salata is an Italian cheese made from the whey part of sheep milk, which is pressed, salted and aged. It is milky white in color with a firm texture, mild taste, lower in fat and has a salty taste. The cheese is often used in Italian dishes, on pastas, salads and ideal for slicing, crumbling and grating. keep refrigerated and wrapped- it will last a long time because of the aging process.

Mauldinian is Semi Hard cheese is an original recipe that we developed at our Mauldin farm, hence  the name! This sheep milk cheese is pressed in basket molds, then soaked in wine for 4 days, then aged. It has a mild but complex flavor and the basket look is elegant! The wheels differ in size. The wedges would be priced from $12-$16 for 1/2-pound size. The bigger more beautiful wheels are 

Pecorino Ewetopia made with our sheep milk is a traditional Italian cheese known for being made with Sheep milk. It is similar to Manchego with nutty flavor profile.

Oconee Jack and Spicy Oconee Jack is made with sheep milk- is similar to Monterey Jack. Spicy is like a Pepper Jack with black and crushed red peppers!

Boozey Ewe is a Semi-hard cheese made from our sheep milk and the rind has been washed in beer. This cheese is a little stinkier than some of my other cheeses. This batch, we used 2 Quest beers- one dark Porter ale, Isaqueena- the Mango Belgium ale and an Italian Amaretto.ranging from $26- $34 for the 1-pound size.

Feta – 8oz container in oil or brine $8
We age our Sheep Milk Feta in an 8% Brine for at least one year to allow the flavor to ripen. This Feta is packed full of flavor, but It can be salty as would be expected from a brine cheese. To remove some of the saltiness from a brine stored cheese, soak it in milk (any type) overnight, drain and store in olive oil. make sure you completely cover the cheese and that allows it to last a long time!  Feta is commonly used on salads, but it is great in burgers or anything that needs seasoning. try it in potatoes or veggie dishes.

We have some short-aged Feta (60 days) which is from the spring milk, it has a buttery rich flavor and not as salty as the longer aged Feta.

We’re trying some different herbs and spices in the brine and even trying a wine brine. Ask about the latest types- variety is the spice of life!!!

Ricotta - 8oz container $8
Our Sweet Ricotta is made from the fresh whey from making our Manchego or Pecorino cheeses. We add some fresh whole sheep milk around 10% additional. Sheep milk is so rich that it doesn't need anything (usually Apple Cider Vinegar like I use for the goat or the cow milk) to form the beautiful rich proteins that form the ricotta which makes it sweet! The ACV leaves a little tartness and sometimes a little reddish color whereas the sheep milk ricotta is white. In Italy, they warm it and put it on toast for breakfast. You might like it in lasagna, baked spaghetti, in pasta, calzones, pizzas- so many way to enjoy it!



Fromage de Brebis - $16/lb (which in French means cheese of the sheep)
These Soft Cheeses work well for those with lactose intolerance, have a sweet and rich taste and twice the protein compared to goat or cow's milk. Sheep milk cheese freezes well for at least 6 months. In the fridge, around 5 weeks.


The following are sold in 8oz containers for $8.



Cheesecake, Pistachio, or Honey & Cinnamon, Strawberry, PineappleThis Sheep Milk Dessert cheese is great on bagels, graham crackers or warm up to use as a dip. Make an elegant dessert by placing in puff pastry for a Cheese Danish! Great for celebrations or just a fun healthy dessert for the family!

Rosemary Fig
This is Cheese is made from our Pasteurized Sheep Milk and flavored with Figs grown on our Farm! We also mix in just a hint of Rosemary. It's so rich and creamy. Great on Morning toast, bagels or any bread as well as a great snack with graham crackers! Sheep milk is a great source of protein and has a naturally sweet taste.


No added flavors or spices

Garlic & Herbs This cheese is by far our best seller and has a great Savory flavor. You can spread on crackers, bagels, potatoes, sandwiches, eggs or anything that needs seasoning. If you like garlic, you will love this cheese! Herbs- Parsley, Chive and Dill.

Spicy Garlic This zesty spreadable cheese that pairs well with beef or pork as a spread or side. It melts over pasta, in baked potatoes, on veggies and even in omelets! The cheese has a spicy (medium hot) rich garlic taste. Spices include red and chili peppers as well as paprika. Add ground beef for an amazing dip!.

Turmeric & Peppers This flavorful sheep milk cheese is blended with a small amount of Turmeric in the early stages of the making which gives it the yellow color and the extra health benefits. We also add six different types of peppers, some garlic and salt. It’s not really spicy but an elegant look as well as a complex flavor profile. Then it is pressed into blocks. When set, we make our own Brazilian Chimichurri rub (main ingredient- Parsley) which makes it a beautiful tasty cheese for the family, dinner party or game day. This cheese slices well for sandwiches, crackers, potatoes, beef, burgers, eggs, or it will crumble on salads or soups. Enjoy! These blocks are currently between $6.75-$14.

Herbs de Provence is a fragrant blend of French spices. While the dominant flavors are usually thyme and rosemary, the blend usually includes other herbs, such as fennel, bay leaf, chervil, savory, basil, marjoram and lavender often makes its way into the mix, even though it’s not historically part of the blend.


$50 Sample packs- save 20%

#1-Includes 1 Turmeric and your choice of 2 Savory, 2 Sweet, and 1 Semi Hard

#2- includes 1 Ricotta Salata, and your choice of 3 Semi Hard Cheeses

#3- 1 Feta, 1 Halloumi, 1 large Turmeric, 1 Ricotta and you pick 1 Semi Hard



Additional Sheep Milk Dairy Products

Kefir- $4.00/pint; $7.00/quart; $13.00/half gallon

Yogurt- $10.00/quart